It is hard for a pimp not to drink on a Friday.  I have spent the afternoon/evening wondering if I really n e e d to quit drinking. I mean. Maybe I can just drink on the weekends? (I did sort of try this before. I went from weekends only, to weekends plus Mondays [’cause Monday’s suck & if you aren’t 100% off the sauce you ought to be able to drink on a Monday], to every damn day of the fucking week AGAIN in less than a month.)  It is embarrassing to slur my words.  And my sleep is poor and I wake up bleary eyed, tired, headachey, and ugly (physically and disposition-wise).  The calories plus late night snacking make me fat and bloated – my pants are too tight.  There was that whole DT thing; that pretty much sucked. WHO drinks THAT much. I almost . . . almost feel nauseous at the idea of Chardonnay.  I am pretty sure I could get past the nausea right quick if I really set my mind to it.

BFL. It is hard not to drink on a Friday night. But it is hard TO drink too.  Maybe if I can just log the sober time in, the not drinking part will get easier. Hell. There is only one Friday per week after all.