Hubs abstained this evening and congratulated me on day 10.  That was nice.  Baked a cake.   No.  Not to celebrate 10 days.  just ’cause i like to bake and i like cake.  Used a too small pan.  ’bout burned up the damn kitchen.   It was a lot of work and just barely okay.  Edgy this evening.  Evenings after work are hard.  But i made it through another one.  Snappy with the kid.  But i apologized.  Better than being sloshed around her.  Tho my uptightness is muted with the wine.  I do wonder which is easier or her, for most people, to endure.  I am perfectionist uptight sober.  But not so much with the wine.  Jamey johnson.  Lookin for a different way to fly.

a.  Bound to be some bumps on the new flight path

b.  Just be af for 4 times around the bracelet.  no need to think it to death on the way.

I have thought of smoking a couple of times recently.    any port in a storm.  didnt do that either.  Haven’t thought of smoking in ages.

Poops don’t work so well af.  Family laughed at my poop tea.

positives: sleep better
clearer mentally
bit of weight loss
can talk n text after 730 pm without slurring
sense of accomplishment/pride not embarrassed ashamed
no guilt
the alcohol doesnt help anything
oh i have extra money n dont feel too guilty to spend it
and extra calories with which to eat