It is the evening of day 23.  That is one full time around the bracelet.  My goal is four times around.  And while I feel proud right now, I also have a much better understanding of just how much work is involved in making it once around, much less three more times.

But the positives.  No hangovers.  No embarrassment.  No guilt over drinking too much – again.  I made eye contact with my child over dinner Saturday night.  I was the soberest adult.  Used to be, I’d be on the other end of that equation.  And I never would have had that momentary connection with her.  Because I woulda been drunk n loud talkin. So the kid connection/better role modeling for my mini me is AWESOME.

And there is better sleep and skin and a little weight loss.  So the positives still outweigh the nothing one gets from drinking.  All you get is respite from the longing to drink.  And the longing passes if you don’t give in.  I mean, it hasn’t gone away, but it’s the smoking cessation experience.  You got to string together a bunch of Nos and eventually the longing dies on the mutherfucking vine.  And I used some more of those today.  By the pool.  Where the lovely wine would have been lovely.  But the Steaz was good as was the fizzy water and the Diet Coke. It was a long afternoon.  Anyway, because I was sober, I made lunch and most of dinner for the hubs.  It is Father’s Day, after all.  Drunk wifey woulda needed a little more waiting on.

So we begin another 23 day loop, also known as Round II, but not in the sense that I am starting over because I drank because I haven’t.  Rather, in the sense that I am 1/4 of the way to my (first) goal and beginning phase 2/4. Wish me luck.