Date nights without drinking are still hard.  Still hard to have a rare, oh so rare, evening with no responsibilities. In-laws just left.  Child away at a sleep over.  No reason at all to do anything responsible like staying sober. For minutes.  Off and on for an hour . . . or so, I was intensely committed to letting myself drink.  Then I thought about how dehydrated I would feel.  And how I feel so good when I fall asleep, instead of passing out.  And I like to relax in bed with decaf hot tea and blogging or reading.  Plus, I don’t want to start counting anew and I haven’t hit my goal (close though).  And I still don’t feel like I want just one.  I was thinking of having a bottle, or so.

Hubs ordered a bottle of wine at dinner.  It was half price wine night and you can take the left overs home.  He had more than.  MORE THAN.  Half the bottle left.  After dinner. Shiiiit.  I.  do not.  got it like that.  So, AF for me.

I did enjoy my peanut butter brownie delight after dinner.  O.k., and before.  It ain’t Chardonnay, but it’s alright.