Day 17.  Made the mistake of thinking I should buy the hubs a nice bottle of wine for Valentine’s today. My original thought was to swing by the Men’s Grooming Lounge for some pampering shave thing for him.  But I got stuck at work late n all that was open and close (too cold for much walking this time of year; I am a bit of a pansy in this regard) was this wine store across the street.  I thought I could pop in, ask for the Pouilly Fuisse, and pop out. They didn’t have it.  So, I asked for his second fave.  Outta that too.  Asked for a recommendation.  Got the sales pitch.  Hey, guys, if you are tryin to quit drinkin, do not patronize the wine store.  Send a friend.  Buy a different present.  Fake sick to get a pass on buying any present at all.  Shit. I struggled over whether I would have to have some of that lovely wine the salesman described so alluringly.  Fortunately, hubs did not open the bottle tonight.  This craving will be long gone by the time he opens that bottle.  But I hope this means a lot to him. It’s the last bottle Ima pick up for him for a while.

I did think it through.  I would not have a sip or even a glass.  I would feel like shit physically and emotionally tomorrow and it is just not worth it.  I treated myself with 4 Girl Scout cookies, so it wasn’t all bad.  Alcohol is everywhere.  Not drinking, and avoiding being tempted to drink by shopping for the easiest to pick up gift of wine, requires some more planning n time than I put in today.  Keeping sober takes thoughtful effort.