I had to do the thing where I count down to my next goal, which is 60 days & it’s 8 days away.  I worked on my Mom’s estate stuff Saturday; wanted to drink.  Want to drink RIGHT NOW just thinkin about that, in passing.  Also on Sat. I had to go to bed at 830 after speaking too harshly to the offspring.  It was just an emotionally exhausting day.  Sunday night was hair.  The others had what appeared to be a lovely red wine.  I had tea.  And water.  And more tea.  As I was walking through the airport on yet another Monday, I saw some drinkers.  I was glad not to be one of them.  I didn’t worry over whether I could or should, or how much, or whether to turn in a receipt with alcohol on it for my expense report.  I am glad to be sober.  Sometimes it’s harder than others, but it’s always the right choice.