So I have taken to making my husband drink wine out of a red solo cup.  Earlier this month I was struggling so mightily.  There was that day I searched out the Chardonnay in the house and put it in the fridge.  Really glad it wasn’t a screw top or box.  The need to uncork it meant I may as well chill it first, I mean, if you gotta suffer through less than instant access anyway. . .

During this period, I told the hubs that I was going to need him to stop drinking white wine in front of me in a pretty glass.  Actually, now that I think about it, HE asked me what he could do to help.  I am pretty sure I was lamenting having several hard days in a row.  And that was my one idea: don’t make it harder still by having the lovely wines in the lovely glass at the lovely happy hours after the work day is done.

He doesn’t drink a lot, certainly not like I did, but it still caught me a little by surprise this evening when I wandered into his red solo cup full of Pinot Gris (never my fave but it would suffice).  Beyond being momentarily taken aback that I had no clue that he was having wine on a Monday, in a silly cup, I didn’t feel much of anything.  It looks like the piss of a severely dehydrated person when it isn’t looking pretty in the stem glass.  I had some calorie free, antioxidant filled, Bai instead.

I’m not very good at asking for help.  Terrible at it, really.  So I am glad the hubs offered.  Glad that this time I said yes and had an idea about how he could help.  It might be silly to ask him not to use the wine glasses.  But his wine glass makes what coulda been an easy, sober day somewhat more challenging.  It is much easier to not think about drinking, to not miss drinking, when there is no half full wine glass perched on the counter.