My work colleagues, well, the ones I work with daily, know I quit drinkin before my Mom died (for 4 months – I even took a summer vacay sober in 2016).  And they know that I took back up with the drink when my Mom died. AND they know I quit again nearly three months ago.

Whenever we have greater than usual work stress, one person in particular tells me at the end of the day to go home and enjoy some wine.  I thought it was kinda funny the first time and responded with a smiling reminder that I am AF.  Ditto the second time.  This week was the third time.  I am feeling tired and stressed, so that likely contributes to this reaction, b u t, I kinda wanna say:  dude, we’ve covered this. Stop suggesting that shit.

I didn’t wish I could drink this last time my colleague suggested it but I do tire of feeling like the odd man out for abstaining.  In some venues, feeling odd is expected and so it is easier to tolerate.  But these are my peeps.  They know some things about me — like how I cried at my desk after burying my Mom.  Regularly.  So why is this guy forgetting that I managed to get back on the wagon? I dunno but these repeat suggestions that I drink strike me as a bit disrespectful because they ignore my very purposeful decisions to abstain.

This is a good guy. He is usually quite sensitive.  I have seen him cry (once, just a little, a little kid he knew died).  Maybe it is as simple as he cannot fathom relaxing without alcohol.  If that’s the case, he should read Jason Vale.

Still sober, despite the stress and despite the recommendation to drink.  Relaxing with my sleep tea, old lady face cream slathered on, and only 1/3 piece of chocolate cake in my belly.  It’s a good day.