Today was full of annoyances.  But the longing to drink was less today than most days last week.  So I’ll be positive about that.  And, there’s a thing called Rose Lemonade.  Lovely.  Quite strong flavor and scent.  But lovely.  I will be happy about that too.  And Starbuck’s.  I got a cake pop  (which was not as yummy as it looked) and a frappachino (totally yummy pre-dinner dessert).  Kid got a cake pop (after dinner dessert – she thought it was awesome).  Sugar highs all around.  Well.  Don’t judge. A person must have their rewards when a person is going for the longest time ever in their adult life not consuming the vino.  Tips to keep from drinking in month 4:

  1.  tell self:  never question the decision, often. use it to shut down the questioning.
  2. go to bed early.
  3. buy kindle books and read.
  4. buy jigsaw puzzle and puzzle.
  5. bake and eat sweets.
  6. talk to people about the fact that you struggle, s t i l l:
  7. remind self of positives of sobriety
  8. remind self: quitting after taking back up with it is hard. let’s try to avoid that shit.
  9. don’t believe your own lies.  no, fool, you are not suddenly able to moderate for the first time in I don’t even remember how long.
  10. blog. read the blogs.  repeat.  More than usual.