I served as the clerk of course at my kid’s swim meet this evening.  I was working with a lovely Mom from the opposing team.  As we herded those cats from bench to bench to lane, it was hot and there was no breeze.  Plus, some of the other Moms took cat herding very seriously, even going so far as to organize them by speed.  So my nice, new friend asked if we got shots when this ended.  I laughed and nodded, sure, enjoy.  Then a little later, she mentioned wanting to go home and have a beer.  Then her hubs popped over and she told him we’d agreed shots were in order.  Look, I don’t know if this chick is socially awkward and figured conversation about drinks interests 99.9% of the free world so it’s a safe topic.  I dunno if she is like I used to be, i.e., unable to do shit that didn’t involve drinkin after 5 and this event messed up her routine and these drink comments were Freudian slips.  Maybe somewhere in between, it was hot and parts of this were annoying.  Whatever.

I didn’t know how to tell her I’m a never drinker.  Do you gotta plop that factoid out on a first meeting?  I mean, it IS kinda personal.  And whether she had big social anxiety or small, she was anxious.  I feel like she woulda been horrified (at herself) if I met her shots comment with a revelation about my non drinking status.  I didn’t have any drinks with her or at home later.  But her comments did trigger some longing.  I still think of relaxing and wine as things that go together.  This evening, when I got to sit down and relax at long last, it was with a mug of tea.  It was relaxing.  Just not mind altering.