My colleague decided we needed to invite a client to a hockey game.  These start at 7:30 pm.  My bedtime is 9:30 pm, sometimes 8:30 pm.  This event is too late for me.  And  I’m not a sports enthusiast.  AND THERE ARE DRINKERS HERE FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

I’m on day 10? 11?  And this is my second drinking venue this week.  How does that happen?  For WEEKS I had no evening events at all, much less drinking events.  Now I’m tryna be sober and it’s 2 events in 1 week.  Just wrong.

At this event, I started out ordering just nothing.  I tried to get a soda at the concession stand but the sales lady told me those were just for mixed drinks.  For reals, she refused to sell me soda without liquor,, so I opted for nothing.  My colleague drank 2 tall beers, my client drank one, and when someone offered to run for snacks, I requested a Diet Coke (which they agreed to sell plain, this time).  Mentioned I was doing dry January.  Client had a handful of benign questions about that.  We moved past it pretty quickly.   I felt virtuous.  But also like I can’t moderate so good call to avoid being overly intoxicated in front of client.  I do enjoy sobriety when I can see how it helps me avoid makin a fool outta myself.

Did you know they stop selling booze during the second period of a hockey game?  If I was drinkin, I woulda run to buy more and been pissed about it.  I mean, you can’t buy 3 drinks at once, in public, for a 20 minute period.  And the fact…the fact… that that’s how I woulda wanted to handle the cessation of alcohol sales before the game was over is why I stayed sober today.  Well, that plus the fact that I pre-game treated.  I had the hugest chocolate chip cookie with sea salt for dessert after lunch.  The cookie was as big as my whole head and I ate every bite.  It was totally delicious.  So I felt like I had something good, decadent, and it wasn’t such a struggle to pass on the vino.