I traveled for work today.  Flew to Boston and back.  In the airport at 6:30-7:00 am, there was a woman drinking champagne.  I was sooooooo stinking happy that wasn’t me.  I was happier still that I wasn’t wishing it was me.  You know, when you’re still drinking but trying to moderate and moderating is sucking because you really want to be drinking your face off but you are keeping it in check, instead. I was glad I didn’t spend the whole day wondering when the drinking could commence. I did think about drinking a second time.  This time in the pm, as I was flyin home.  But I didn’t long for it like I historically have.  There is something about being completely abstinent for a period that changes how (often, intensely, long) I think about drinking.  This change is interesting.  And it’s nice that the wolf isn’t incessantly howling.  Day 50 something.  Sobering on.