The best thing about being sick sober is being able to take all of the drugs.  As a drinker, I never took Tylenol type products.  Pretty sure my liver would have imploded immediately.  It seems like all cough n cold remedies have acetaminophen in them.  And now I can take them.  Yay me.  Plus, another good thing about being sick sober is not feeling like you’re too sick to drink, drinking anyway, and feeling embarrassed about it.  Now, if I have dark rings under my eyes while sick (which; check), I know it is because I am sick as shit.  And there is nothing else to it.  I’ve written most of this before. But it is still true.  Even a cough/cold type illness is better experienced sober.

P.S. Hubs bought this portable wireless keyboard that is soooo much better than my usual broke down keyboard.  The other one is so broke down I don’t usually use it. I type these posts on the keyboard on the screen.  Not fun.  This new keyboard is AWESOME!